CEO’s Letter

CEO’s Letter

Connecting the whole world without intermediaries and helping people.

In 2018 the idea of ​​Satelite started even when I lived in Europe. Although there was a lot of growth potential there I saw that Brazil the country I was born in and that I love so much, strategically would be the best way to make this dream come true. A country of happy people, welcoming people to new ideas, always looking for improving their daily lives whether by smiling or by talking to someone who makes their day better. People, like me, who fight for their dreams. Thus, connecting people in Brazil is very interesting, in addition to the fact that being able to contribute to the change of society in a country with so many challenges is gratifying.

The year of 2020 started out promisingly but we faced an unprecedented global pandemic as obstacle. Although people started a process of a very strong adherence to communication technologies and we would have a great challenge, we understand that the human being has a good side still to some issues and innovations. Being able to connect with people and new ideas, having unique experiences, making dreams and goals be real, helping people in need also, is something really new.

We of Satelite really believe that technology is must be a tool to improve people’s lives. In a scientific sight, since satellites are celestial bodies that are in orbit around a planet our platform allows anyone to be around everyone else, having access to some people is not so easy after all.

For everything we feel about helping people we understand that connecting individuals without big obstacles, without intermediaries, facilitates the understanding that in some way everyone is connected and everyone is dependent on everybody.

With total focus on people we understand that changing their lives, they can change the world. And that is how we will manage our business, respecting employees, respecting our users, respecting our suppliers, helping society and contributing in the best way to start today our ‘better future’.