Connecting dreams, opportunities and knowledge.

About us

Connecting dreams, opportunities and knowledge.

When people get connected, the world gets better. Dreams come true, opportunities become good business and knowledge can change people’s life. The technology we use, in addition to generating all of this, brings a great advantage also: you do all of this by changing thousands of people’s lives, as we have philanthropy at our business core.

We connect dreams because the platform can give you the opportunity to get in contact with people you would never had the chance to talk in your daily life or even in other social platforms. We help you to connect with your biggest achievements, with your best experiences and your beloved idols.

We do connect you with opportunities because we are an interface that connects you with various services, with a really strong connection point. We know that ‘time is money’ and for all of this, you pay professionals you want to talk to, making this connection more attractive and valuing everybody’s work.


We make connections with knowledge. We know that learning is a way to change the world and so, we make education more accessible giving you the opportunity to be in contact with any teacher from all around the world. We help you to achieve the knowledge you really want to change your life and contributing with society transformation.

Connection with people who need some help is the most important of all connections that Satelite makes. In our essence and in the programming lines of our platform, part of our revenue goes automatically to philanthropic institutions and social programs. Thus, we managed to connect various points of society, making communication accessible and leaving the message that every human being can have access to ordinary people, the famous, knowledge and achievements. 

Connecting the whole world without intermediaries and helping people.

CEO’s Letter

In 2018 the idea of ​​Satelite started even when I lived in Europe. Although there was a lot of growth potential there I saw that Brazil the country I was born in and that I love so much, strategically would be the best way to make this dream come true. A country of happy people, welcoming people to new ideas, always looking for improving their daily lives whether by smiling or by talking to someone who makes their day better. People, like me, who fight for their dreams. Thus, connecting people in Brazil is very interesting, in addition to the fact that being able to contribute to the change of society in a country with so many challenges is gratifying…

Social Responsability

You have a good feeling when you see someone doing good, haven’t you? In a daily life that is changing so much we even find it weird when someone leaves the routine and worries about someone else. But worrying is not just thinking about helping, it is being together, it is talking looking into the eyes, donating and showing your better side.

We consider at Satelite the world changes according to how we change lives. That is why in our essence we have in our revenue generation mechanics and financial dynamics, automatic donations to our philanthropic institutions and partner social projects.


We donate 25% of all our revenue, contributing to the life’s changes of a lot of people, and it is not only that, since the world changes around them, reaching other lives. For some people, a little help can be the difference to have greater opportunities in life, better opportunities for change.

How the Satelite platform works

Like several other communication platforms, Satelite needs at least two people have the desire to chat and connect. Thus, the dialer (who initiates the call) searches for the person who wishes to contact and makes the contact. Up to four people can connect as dialers, and can speak to the fifth person who will receive the call.

When receiving the call and giving continuity, the person can answer at that moment or even postpone the call for a while, automatically the dialer(s) is(are) notified about his availability for that moment or later. More people can participate in this conversation, participating in the room where the video call is taking place, with a symbolic value of investment, which allows for a possible cashback much higher than the amount paid.

Dialer searches for who wants to talk to and start the live (video call).

The person the dialer sought, the receiver, receives the invitation to connect to the live.

Satelite creates a room for the dialer to chat with whoever he wants, in addition to opening the possibility for other users participate in the room.

Users who want to participate can enter the room by paying a symbolic fee.

All amounts that will be paid for the live will later be reversed as cashback for all participants in the video call (dialer, receiver and other users).

Part of everything that was generated from revenue returns to the dialer and the recipient of the call, thus encouraging the development of art, culture, education and services.

A percentage of the value is drawn among the participating users, further encouraging everyone to win in some way.

All the revenue (the fee and payments from users watching the live) ends up automatically generating donations to our philanthropic institutions and partner social projects.

Making the call, the fee (investment paid to whoever is receiving the call), plus the values ​​of all the people who may be participating in the live. In addition to returning to the dialer, there is also a higher value for those who receive the call (remuneration which is paid by the dialer, plus percentage of the amounts paid by the other participants in the room), a portion is drawn as cashback for the participants and a portion is automatically donated to our partner philanthropic institutions.

Connecting the world in different ways

Satelite, above all, aims to connect people. Connecting without intermediaries, without any difficulties and without any distinction. On the platform, it doesn’t matter how many followers or likes you’ve gained, or the color of your hair or your weight, but what you can offer in a conversation, in a chat.

In Satelite, to be able to say “hi” is what really matters, to be able to thank you for how much that person you are a fan helped in difficult times. It to be able to talk to that person admired for the great project that she carried out in a company. Or, even, talk to that professional who will help to solve that problem that happened in your car, in the middle of the road. It means to be able to learn more, to be able to build knowledge with someone who can teach in the most natural and didactic way as possible.

As you can see we connect the world in many ways, because in the world there are many different people. Diversities and differences make the world more dynamic and more propitious to evolve, just as Satelite does for each user.


Your achievement closer.

An idol is not just a famous person you see in big events, movies or series. An idol inspires us, strengthens us, we admire him for his skills, for his purposes and ideals. If seeing an idol in the cinema already causes so many changes in you, talking to him would be a great achievement, a huge achievement, a dream come true.

Satelite provides this type of experience, making everyone more connected, everyone closer.


Experiences and opportunities

To make that big leap in your career, maybe you just need a direction from someone more experienced, someone who has great achievements in your area. Talking to that great professional, a reference that has even won awards, could give you a more mature view and change the way you see your future.

Satelite wants you to be able to change your life, change your professional path, so it connects professionals who are references in their areas of expertise. Whether it’s professional guidance or the opportunity to present a business proposal, we want to help you conquer your greatest achievements.


Knowledge and achievements

Getting proficiency in that language would make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. But speaking with native idioms teachers is very difficult in your country. Access to quality knowledge can have certain geographical or time barriers.

We try to make it as easy as possible, connecting you with people with different types of knowledge, so you can learn in the best possible way, with the people who have the greatest competence and training on the subject. We really want you to change your life. For this reason, Satelite allows teachers and students from different areas of knowledge to connect from anywhere and at any time.


Experiences at your fingertips

Your car stopped working however it had already had the same problem and a mechanic had helped you to solve it in a very simple way. Your washing machine is making a strange noise but the technician showed you how to clean the filter and you don’t remember exactly how to do it.

Satelite wants to make your daily life easier, as there are things you need to solve right in that moment without necessarily paying for the complete service of a professional. We connect you to several professional service providers, with the intention that they can assist you in times of emergency and in a very simple and quick way.


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